Saturday, January 28, 2017


This is my coming 3 year old Pure Spanish Andalusian colt Fantastico. He's currently still a stallion and will be put into training this coming year. Looking forward to getting him under saddle and seeing what he can do. He's such a sweetheart!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Babies are almost here!!

It is almost foaling season here at our small breeding operation. Our first mare, Conquista, is due to foal toward the end of the month. She is as big as a house and so gorgeous. I can hardly wait for her baby to be born! Very excited!  Her baby will only be available if it is a colt and even then I'm debating.

The second mare due is Esperanza and she is due in June. She was bred to a black Andalusian stallion so I'm also pretty excited about that baby as it could be black or bay. Her baby will be for sale. Price before weaning is $10,000

Friday, February 7, 2014

Green grass and babies! Perfect combo!

It's the middle of winter in Texas and the snow has been bothering us just a little, not to mention the cold, so I put up a picture of happy green grass pastures with cute babies. Soon we will be having a couple more babies and we can hardly wait! First one is due in the middle of April, 2014!

Birth of Andalusian Filly

This was the birth of my first purebred Andalusian filly born on New Years Eve. Her name is Evelina. She's a year old now and super huge and sweet as can be.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spring time is coming and with it BABIES!!!

The broodmares are getting rounder by the day and the excitement is growing as I'm expecting 2 purebred Andalusian babies this spring. The first one is from my beautiful huge black mare, Conquista. She is bred to a 16.2 hand PRE stallion and if its a filly, she's going to be a keeper and increase my little herd. Esperanza is due in June and is bred to a black stallion belonging to a friend of mine. This baby should be very athletic and will most likely be a superb bullfighting horse (or a cutting or western horse) or probably even a great dressage horse. I'm excited for both of them! Esperanza's foal will be for sale and can even be sold in-Utero if wanted. Priced before born for $7500 or after birth it will be more.