Monday, February 13, 2012

Cypress Lake Ranch Andalusians

My dream ever since I laid eyes on my very first picture of an Andalusian horse was to one day own one. This was almost 25 or more years ago and the prices on these horses were incredibly high, much more than a poor missionary kid like myself could ever dream of being able to pay. So in my mind I thought it was impossible, just a way out there dream that would never come true, wishful thinking. Even though I dreamed of it, I never actually thought it was a dream that might come true! 

Now years later, I am the proud owner of 3 purebred Andalusians and one half-Andalusian, with many more to come in my near future. 

I'm sure you are probably wondering how this happened. Well, here is the story:
I always looked at ads for Andalusian horses on the internet, just to dream and hope that one day... Well, one day I saw an ad for a half-Andalusian mare, with a picture. Of course I fell in love with the picture of her, so I went to see her and I rode her and fell in love completely. The owner really needed to sell her so she let me do a payment plan to purchase her. It was affordable and I soon had her paid off. She became my favorite riding horse and I had lots of dreams for her, Mystique Des Anges. 

Then one day in my browsing of Andalusians on the internet, I came across an ad for someone selling an in-utero foal and they said on the ad that they would accept payments. I contacted the lady and we worked out a payment plan that I could afford. A year or so later I had my purbred Andalusian filly at my house, 6 months old. I named her Esperanza, the hope of my Andalusian breeding program. She is now a 3 year old and full of energy and vivacity. She will be bred to my stallion this year for the first time. 

Then my vet, who knows how I love Andalusians, told me of a huge farm that was dispersing their whole stock. I went to see them and ended up getting a pair, mare and colt, for a small fraction of the cost of a normal horse. I could feel the intense love of God for me the day I brought those two home to the ranch. The dreams of a lifetime were being fulfilled in those horses and my joy in my Heavenly Father's love for me is indescribable. 

So, there you have it... I plan to raise these horses and many more.  Here is where I will tell you what is happening and any foals that I might decide to sell will be listed here.

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